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Literary Attire ► Book 1 Chapter 1

“Literary Attire” is a feature on my Journey Through Bookville where I recommend books based on different fashion peices. There are different “books” for different peices and the “chapters” are the installments in that one books.

Hey guys! This is the first installment in this new series. Let me know what you guys think!

This is an olive green crop top that I found on Pinterest. I can tell from the picture that it’s the stretchy breathable material. In fact I have a shirt similar to this, but it’s maroon and isn’t a crop top. Overall it’s a cute shirt, and I like the color, but I personally don’t like it mainly because I’m not a fan of crop tops.

Based off of this crop top I would recommend:

I read this book late 2015, long before the Netflix series. The reason I’m recommending this book based off of the shirt because the book is pretty popular and although I didn’t like it, there are many people who did. There were many reasons I didn’t enjoy this book. I didn’t like Hannah (She’s better in the show). It felt like she was blaming everyone for absolutely everything. Towards the end of the book, it felt that she was trying to find reasons to feel sad and not wanted on this earth. Her mind was already made up and she was trying to find reasons to validate it. The books pretty short and has a pocket if you don’t like the book: a tv show. I watched the tv show early this year when it came out and really enjoyed it. I heard that it’s been renewed and the cast is filming the second season now. I don’t know where they are going to go with it seeing as the thirteen tapes have ended, but I’m not complaining because I still have a lot of questions.

Let me know what you guys thought of the first installment in my new series. Maybe in the future you guys can pick the peice and I’ll choose a recommendation based off that or vice versa. Feel free to do this if you would like, but please do give me credit. Don’t forget to leave your Goodreads, Twitter, and Instagram so I can follow you and get to know you.

Love, Sal





Here is a little more information about me. My name is Salma, but you guys can call me Sal. I’m 16 years old and am about to be a senior in high school. I have four siblings, two brothers, and two sisters, and I’m the second oldest. I’m just an ordinary southern gal that loves reading.


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